Educational, Social & Cultural Fund

If a credit union has paid a dividend to it's members, it is permitted to allocate part of it's surplus to an Educational, Social and Cultural Fund. At Lodge Lane, we invite members to apply for small grants eg toward text books for courses, or to meet the needs of a local community organisation.

In the past few years we have given grants for the following purposes, (usually under £100)

•Sponsored a Charity Sky Dive by a member who supports former drug users
•Contribution toward a laptop for a member starting a degree course
•Bought a vacuum cleaner for a local 'kid's club'
•Made a small donation towards repairing a leaking roof at a local youth club
•Sponsored a young member for 2 events in the European Kick-Boxing Championships - see news item

Do you belong to a community organisation which could benefit from a grant toward a specific project, or do you need help to buy educational books or equipment?

Put your request in writing to the Board of Directors.

For more information, please contact us   

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