How to Join

To be eligible to join Lodge Lane and District Credit Union, you need to live or work within our 'Common Bond'. Our Common Bond area covers L1, L2, L3, L7, L8, L15, L17 and L18 Find more details about how to join the Credit Union further down the page.

How to Join

  • Check to see that the postcode area of your home address or place of work is on our list of eligible areas.
  • Come along to one of our offices or Service Points, your nearest one can be found above. Our staff will answer any questions you have about the credit union and help you fill in the membership application form.
  • Bring identification (if possible something with a photo, such as a driving licence or passport) and proof of where you live (a recent bill, tenancy agreement, bank statement, or official letter which must be dated within the last three months).
  • If you are joining because you work in the area, you will also need to provide evidence, such as a recent pay slip, and if you are doing voluntary work you will need to get a confirmation form from us and get it filled in by the organisation you work for.
  • Pay your £4.00 joining fee and put at least £1 into your savings.
  • You will be given an account number and account book, which is your record of what you have paid in.
  • Then just call in at any of our Service Points to pay in when you need. You can also pay by standing order from a bank or building society account.

Why Join?

  • Because you will become part of our community, keeping your business local. We can help you find advice and guidance on managing your money so you can gain control of your finances, giving you the opportunity to save and plan for the future.
  • If you’re struggling with debt, we can help you find assistance on how to manage it and start to save.
  • You will become part of a co-operative with a proud local history, our members work and save together for their mutual benefit.
  • We have paid a dividend on members’ savings every year for the past 19 years. The 2015 dividend is 1% – a return that is comparible to the rate of interest on most banks’ savings accounts.
  • You can opt to have your Child Benefit paid direct into your savings account.
  • Your savings are safe with us and are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which covers up to £50,000.
  • You get free life assurance, paying your family up to double your savings when you die. (subject to age)
  • We offer flexible Saver Loans at an affordable rate (12.6% APR) for those who have built up some savings, to be repaid over terms agreed with you.
  • We also offer Express Loans at a higher rate (25% APR) for those who have not had a chance to build up savings.
  • Loans come with free loan protection to ensure your loan is paid off in the event of your death. (subject to age)
  • And you don’t have to go to town to pay in to your savings or see about a loan.

Who can Join?

You can join LLDCU if you;

  • Are aged over 16 and live or work – paid or voluntary – within the boundaries of our “Common Bond” area.
  • Studies within the bounderies of our "Common Bond" area.
  • Belong to an organisation or place of Worship within the bounderies of our "Common Bond" area.

Your Business or Organisation can also join as a Corporate Member if;

  • They operate from within the bounderies of our "Common Bond" area.
  • They belong to a Network or Association based within the bounderies of our "Common Bond" area.

And finally, anyone who is a member of the household of a credit union member, can join us from the moment they’re born up to the age of 16 as Young Members.

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