An important message for the members of Lodge Lane and District Credit Union- 

The law is changing


You may be aware of a new privacy law which comes into effect in May 2018. This is called the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR).  Our members are at the heart of our services as a credit union, so we wish to let you know how we use and look after your personal information, and to make you aware of your rights under the new regulations.

We have recently updated our longer Privacy Notice and this can be viewed on our website, accessed via "Privacy Notice" at the bottom of the left-hand menu, or you may request a printed copy by writing, phoning or emailing. The Privacy Notice includes more detailed information about your rights as a member of the credit union. You may also contact us to request information about what data we hold, or to make corrections, or for us to remove some information.  

Contact details: 

Lodge Lane & District Credit Union, 81 Lodge Lane, Liverpool L8 0QE.   Phone 0151 734 2561

Data Protection in the UK is the responsibility of The Information Commissioner’s Office. Much more information is on their website: 




Refreshments from 6pm


  • ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017 The AGM gives a chance for you to ask questions and make suggestions. You will get a clearer idea of how we use your money wisely, how we arrive at decisions about running your Credit Union eg setting interest rates, staffing matters, premises, opening hours etc. etc
  • ONE MEMBER, ONE VOTE We are pleased to recommend that members vote to accept a dividend on savings (shares). We have done so every year since 1992, and it is usually more than most banks are paying on instant access deposit accounts, especially at present.
  • ELECTIONS The AGM is the meeting where members elect the Board of Directors, requiring common sense, some skills and a genuine commitment and feel for Lodge Lane Credit Union. If you are thinking of applying to be a Board member, please leave your contact details by phone or email and our Chairperson will give you more information. You may have been a member for a few years and now wish to become more involved as part of the team. 
  • THE FUTURE Next Year 2019, we shall celebrate 30 years of providing financial services to our community. We shall need a few people who can help us to plan a variety of events as we reach this landmark.
  • Please spread the word to family and friends. 
  • If you want a statement of your credit union accounts, please e-mail, or phone (0151) 734 2561.

Marie Gray
Chair of the Board of Directors


Christmas Loans

We do not have a closing date for loans before Christmas.  Our staff will accept applications from members up to Thursday 22nd December 2017.

There is still time for new members to build up a few weeks’ savings record and apply for a Christmas loan, if they join straightaway.

Change Account Cards

We now offer members a prepaid Change Account card which can be used anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercards.

Loans and savings withdrawals can be loaded on to the card.

The deal includes cashback offers with several major retailers.

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