About Lodge Lane & District Credit Union

Lodge Lane & District Credit Union was set up by local people in 1989  to provide locally available financial services. Everyone over the age of 16 who lives or works in the area can become a member. Newborn to 16yr olds can join as Young Members.

To date we have given our members over £7,000,000 in loans to pay bills, buy clothes, pay for car repairs, holidays and school uniforms, or to pay off more expensive loans. In July 2010 we merged with the Earle Lawrence Credit Union in Wavertree giving us a wider catchment area, or “common bond”, including both cathedrals, the Women’s Hospital, Liverpool and John Moores University sites, most of Wavertree and Picton, Sefton Park, Penny Lane and a large part of Aigburth. We now have the chance to increase the size of our membership and help even more people to learn how to manage their finances effectively.

Thanks to the commitment of our volunteers and paid staff, we are one of the best community credit unions in Britain. More than 6,000 people have joined, our members currently have more than £2,600,000 of savings and we have paid a dividend for the past 26 years.

Anyone who lives or works (see how to join) within the area can join. Among the benefits of saving with us are:
    • No need to go to town to pay into your savings or discuss a loan.
    • Young members don’t pay the joining fee until they are 16.
    • Save as little or as much as you like (up to the maximum £33,530).
    • Get an annual dividend on your savings.
    • You can even have your Child Benefit, as well as other benefits and tax credits, paid in directly to your account.
    • Your savings are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    • You get free life assurance, paying your family up to double your savings when you die (subject to age).
    • You get free loan protection, so any outstanding loan is paid off when you die (subject to age).

All you need to join is go along to one of the LLDCU offices with some photo ID, proof of your address(dated less than 3 month old) or place of work, £4 joining fee and at least £1 to start your savings.


As our membership grows, so the size and number of loans increases.







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